Denver can call off the headhunters, as a fascinating candidate has emerged to assume the clipboard & headset of the terminated Mike Shanahan. From :

Bill Romanowski said he sent Broncos owner Pat Bowlen a lengthy PowerPoint presentation touting his credentials and outlining the fresh ideas he would bring to the job.

“I can’t stop thinking about this,” said Romanowski, who played for San Francisco, Philadelphia, Denver and Oakland during a standout 16-year NFL career that was marred by a bad temper and his admitted use of THG, the designer steroid at the center of the BALCO scandal.

“This may be a complete fantasy, and that’s all right,” Romanowski added. “… At the end of the day, nothing may happen from it.”

Romanowski has no official NFL coaching experience, just knowledge from the players’ perspective.

“For Pat to do something like this, it would take him being a visionary, thinking outside the box,” said Romanowski, whose coaching experience includes helping with his son’s football team. “Him hiring me, it’s a longshot. I understand that. I know that.”