Baltimore managed to beat the Jets, 20-13, on Sunday, but along with absorbing the loss of Trevor Pryce, Ravens coach Brian Billick (above, left) claims the Mangenius’ D was shouting out signals to intentionally distract his offense. From the Baltimore Sun’s David Ginsburg :

“They did an outstanding job. I credit the New York Jets. Their defensive line and linebackers did a very, very effective job of illegally simulating the snap count,” Billick said. “They did it the whole game long. It needs to be caught.”

Tackle Adam Terry bolted offside in the first and third quarters. Tight end Quinn Sypniewski jumped in the first quarter.

“That’s not an excuse by any stretch of the imagination. But it is illegal,” Billick said. “Our guys have to deal with it. I don’t know how to help my linemen with that because, you’re in the heat of battle and you’re calling the snap count, and the guy across from you is also calling a snap count — which is illegal.”

Congrats to the 0-2 Atlanta Falcons, whose 2007 youth movement now includes the addition of 47 year old K Morten Anderson. How long has Anderson been kicking? Well, I’ll put it this way : He can actually remember when the above cap was in vogue.