The Phillies almost blew an 11-run lead. The Eagles don’t look good at all. But how’s a Philly fan supposed to process all this action if we don’t have Stephen A. around to put it in perspective?

From Dan Gross, writing for the sister publication of Smith’s ostensible primary employer:

THE Inqwaster’s Stephen A. Smith was due to return to work at the newspaper Friday, but has extended his leave, we’re told….

Smith responded to an e-mail by referring us to his D.C.-based attorney, Johnine Barnes, who gave us a vague statement:

“At this time, Stephen A. Smith does not have any comment regarding any of his professional duties and responsibilities. Stephen is evaluating the journalistic freedom of a writer and will comment on his professional responsibilities at an appropriate time in the future.”

“Evaluating the journalistic freedom of a writer,” eh? Which writer, John Dos Passos?

Seriously, this sounds like a blogger waiting to happen. Or perhaps Page 2 could just buy out his contract.