Yankees 5, Mets 4 (11 innings)

And with this, the Mets know what it is like to blow a 4-0 lead to their crosstown rival…with their ace on the hill, no less.

While zero blame can be laid at the feet of Pedro Martinez (7 IP, 8K’s, no runs, 4 hits, one walk) I’m really struggling to think of a silver lining regarding Billy Wagner’s spectacularly awful 9th inning, one in which the Mets closer relinquished a four run lead. Something like “we’re getting some great opportunities to see Jorge Julio showcased in pressure situations,” or “at least Wagner isn’t signed for 6 years.”

That was one hell of an at bat by Melkey Cabrera in the top of the 9th.

As much as it pains me to do so, I have to acknowledge a few more good things about the Yankees. It takes a wily veteran like Bernie Williams to have the presence of mind to place his rib cage in the path of a Billy Wagner fastball. Well done, Bernie. And Johnny Damon might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he can get down the first base line pretty well for a guy with a cracked bone in his foot.

No one seated near me seemed capable of inventing a chant about Andy Phillips blowing anyone. It really has been a day of crushing disappointment.

Today’s NY papers featured a photograph of David Wright being tackled by Jose Lima after the third baseman’s game winning single last night. I believe Frank Cashen once had something to say about the persons who’ve contributed the least doing the most celebrating.

On ESPN 1050’s postgame wrap, host Steve Phillips rejected criticism of Willie Randolph’s decision Saturday to use Wagner in the 9th after the troubled reliever had already been summoned the previous evening, pointing out that Wagner was overpowering on Friday, and had only thrown 12 pitches.

That said, Phillips proceeded to second guess Randolph’s failure to remove Wagner after the walk to Kelly Stinnett, then concluded by reading a promo for 1050’s broadcast of tomorrow night’s Glavine/Small duel. “If you want unbiased coverage, tune in here.” said Steve, presumably with a straight face. And what could be less biased than Mets analysis from a GM the club fired just a few years ago?

Activities at Shea caused me to miss the Cubs’ latest capitulation, a 7-0 beating at the hands of the White Sox that apparently featured a pair of Tadahito Iguchi homers and several persons trying to beat up A.J. Pierzynski. Remarkably, none of them were wearing Twins or Giants jerseys.