From the Sports Network :

The Washington Nationals acquired outfielder Austin Kearns, shortstop Felipe Lopez and pitcher Ryan Wagner from the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday in exchange for pitchers Gary Majewski, Bill Bray and Daryl Thompson, infielder Brendan Harris and shortstop Royce Clayton.

Kearns and Lopez are expected to join the Nationals for the start of a three- game series in Pittsburgh on Friday, while Wagner will be optioned to Triple-A New Orleans.

Majewski, Clayton and Bray are expected to report to Cincinnati in time for Friday’s game against the Colorado Rockies. Harris will report to Triple-A Louisville and Thompson to Sarasota in the Gulf Coast League.

To fill the roster spots of Kearns and Lopez for Thursday’s game, the Reds have recalled from Louisville outfielder Chris Denorfia and infielder William Bergolla.

Color me confused by Wayne Krivsky’s though process here. Though Kearns has had trouble staying healthy and Lopez wasn’t a Gold Glove candidate it’s hard to be blown away by what Cincinnati are getting in return. Making room for Denorfia (hitting .347 in the International League) is one thing, but Gary Majewski and Royce Fucking Clayton? Couldn’t the latter have been had for nothing at some point in the near future anyway?

The Reds still have a legit shot at the postseason, yet they’ve given away a pair of somewhat capable position players…for what?

Hard not to imagine the Nats’ acquisition of Kearns is a mere overture to Guillen or Soriano changing addresses. But I’m going to try and do less imagining and more sleeping tonight, just for variety’s sake.

In other transcaction news….Because George Steinbrenner is the Patron Saint of Lost Causes. Because a Jet-Ski is no more or less dangerous in the wrong hands than a crack pipe. Because Jeff Weaver was already taken. Because Pinstripes Are Slimming.