If the past week’s events haven’t convinced you that America is very much a society of the the haves and have-nots, perhaps the sob story of an old coot angry that he didn’t get a World Series ring will do the trick. From the New York Times’ Murray Chass:

If the Red Sox think they had it bad for 86 years under the Curse of the Bambino, they better beware of the Carroll Curse.

“I am so against them now I don’t watch them,” Charles Carroll said. “I hope they lose. I put a Carroll curse on them. If they think the Babe Ruth curse was bad, wait till they see this one.” Then he added: “They were good to me. What happened I don’t know.”

A former Boston police detective and security supervisor for the Red Sox, 71-year-old Charles Carroll is clearly conflicted. And it’s all because of a ring, a World Series ring. Carroll feels the Red Sox had led him to believe he would get a ring, then didn’t give it to him.

After winning last year’s World Series following a drought of 86 years, the Red Sox gave out more than 500 rings, but none went to Carroll. Describing his feelings about the team’s decision, he used words like “infuriated” and “very upset” and “devastated.”

“They took me to the World Series and sent me a letter and said a lot of people would be getting rings, and I thought I’d be one of them,” Carroll said. “But I’m devastated I didn’t get the ring. I don’t want it to be sour grapes about the thing. It’s just that everything went so well, and the final step would have been to give me a ring. I had it earmarked for my grandson.

“I got a letter in July saying they were going to give me a personalized 2004 World Series watch along with everyone else in the organization,” Carroll related, “but I really wanted a ring. I felt I deserved a ring. The so-called ambassadors who were there for a year and the grounds crew all got it. And I didn’t. “

As noted above, Carroll was flown to St. Louis for Boston’s clincher last October and was awarded an inscribed watch. Unlike Johnny Damon or Pesky, there’s no entry in the Baseball Encylopedia listing his ever having played for the Red Sox. Chass has been doing-his-thing since before I could walk and he usually does it quite well. But this one can safely be filed under “who gives a shit?”