(three unidentified gentlemen who who don’t need or want your patronage, Mets fans)

As mentioned previously, at least one prominent Mets blogger is on record as advocating his comrades in arms take up the cause of the Philadelphia Phillies in the ’09 World Series rather than root for the Yankees. Chamomiles Davis of The Fightins has taken such sentiments into consideration and replies, “take that support and cram it far, far up into your ass. We don™t want you rooting for our team. Fuck off. Really.”

In 2000, the Mets and Yankess met in the latest incarnation of what pundits call œThe Subway Series. The Yankees won that series, and I was happy. Do you know why, Mets fans? Because I rooted for them. And do you know why I did that?

BECAUSE I HATE THE FUCKING METS. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER ROOT FOR THE METS TO WIN ANYTHING AS LONG AS I LIVE. I don™t care if they™re playing Satan for control of the Earth. Goooooo SATAN! In short, screw the New York Mets with a rusting rocket ship. So why the hell would you root for our team?

Y’know, when he puts it that way, I can’t remember why. A pox on both houses, then, the Nu Stadium and CBP. May both venues and all who inhabit them (CSTB contributors aside) be reduced to vapor when an MLB-sanctioned stunt to promote the upcoming “2012” goes horribly wrong.