Even the most carefully crafted parody of Tommy Lasorda turns out to be no match for the jaundiced worldview of the Real Thing.

Fans who run on to the field are a disgrace to the game of baseball! They have no respect for themselves, other fans who want to see a game, the players on the field, and the game in general. They should be arrested and penalized. All they are trying to do is impress their friends, but they do not impress anybody.

We can™t let two bad guys ruin the experience at Dodger Stadium, thus degrading the reputation of Dodger fans. I have said this time and time again; we have the greatest fans in all of baseball. I want all of our fans to know that as an organization, we need our fans, and we believe they are part of our team.

The Dodgers run a special promotion called $2 True Blue Tuesdays. Frank and Jamie McCourt want people who can™t usually afford to take their families to a ballgame to be able to come to Dodger Stadium and enjoy themselves. Now, because of what two foolish youngsters did, the McCourt™s may be forced to end the promotion.

Frank, Jamie and the entire staff want fans to enjoy baseball at its best, at beautiful Dodger Stadium, which I call Blue Heaven on Earth. We won™t let two bad guys ruin our efforts, or to take an outstanding opportunity away from the rest of the fans who take advantage of the great deal.