My trembling letter carrier dropped off this tome earlier today. Was he terrified of the vicious dog ready to bust thru the screen door, or did he have a premonition his bag contained an amazing compendium of PURE EVIL?

OK, it was probably the former. But in all seriousness, do not attempt to eat breakfast while starting this book. If I’d laughed any harder at the first few reviews, I’d have needed an ambulance.

It’s tempting and oh-so-easy to say Joseph Ziemba and Dan Budnik’s ‘Bleeding Skull’ does for shot-on-video stab-fests what ‘Enjoy The Experience’ did for private press LP’s, especially as the former is infused with so much genuine love/lust for the neglected medium in question, much like their long-running blog of the same name. The list of films I need to see just got much longer (and if you’re amongst those who’ve already seen most of all of ’em, congrats on whatever damage you’ve done to your mind faster than me).