Deadspin circulated smartphone footage shortly after the Jets’ 30-27 OT victory over the Patriots yesterday that showed a Gang Green fan — donning a Wayne Chrebet jersey, no less  —- physically assaulting a female New England rooter.  The New York Daily News ID’d the assailant as 39 year old Suffolk County resident Kurt Paschke, who’s previously served 3 years for a stabbing fatality in Sayerville.

Though the Daily News was rather zealous in grabbing snapshots from Paschke’s Facebook account (note to anyone planning on beating up women at New Jersey sporting events — check your privacy settings!), a cursory glance at the few areas Paschke has left unprotected reveals he’s not merely a J-E-R-K-S worshiping thug, but rather, a many of varied, and some might say contradictory tastes.

For example, while Kurt publicly identifies himself as a fan of The Dead Kennedys, he’s also an unabashed Bocephus dude.  Paschke follows the Facebook posts of former Jets QB Tim Tebow, yet he also belongs to a group called “Keep Tebow Out Of New York”.   And most confusingly, he “likes” PETA, yet willingly photographed his dog wearing the above mask.