The Austin American-Statesman’s Michael Corcoran has written some very nice things about CSTB, and that’s why it’s gonna hurt me worse than a Mellencamp Rock Block to publicly disagree with him.

Mavs owner-with-a-boner Mark Cuban was profiled in the Statesman on Monday by writer Chris Garcia. Cuban was less than flattered to be exposed as a protein bar-munching dimwit and pressed the “detonate” button on his laptop to say as much.

“Easily the worst interview i have ever done, Cuban started. œI guess i forgot to tell you about going to the dentist to finish my crowns after the season. What the (expletive) was that about.”

Corcoran surmised,

You would think Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban would have more on his mind the afternoon of the biggest- and most exciting- game in franchise history. Or maybe his way of blowing off tension is dashing off ridiculous e-mails to journalists who™ve written about him.

Why is it when a public figure of the major or minor league variety (in this case, one who has made a name for himself by sending out more electronic pest messages than Christopher X. Brodeur and pokerjoel combined) decides to defend his or herself from something written in a public forum, the rejoinder is often something like “you’d think John Wayne Gacy would be too busy french-kissing Rosalynn Carter to bother writing ‘lil old me.” What the heck else is a Grade-A self-obsessive like Mark Cuban gonna be worried about on a Monday afternoon? Surely he wasn’t profiled because he’s got all kinds of fascinating things to say about the Kinks or tuna sandwiches? He’s a celebrity, and if the newspapers were satisfied interviewing the quiet, reserved, no-ego owners of the NBA who have something substantial to offer culturally, well, they’d have picked someone else.