I’m not sure who The New York Post’s Marc Berman thought he was punishing by boycotting his own blog following the Knicks’ loss to lowly Minnesota last Friday night, but the morning after New York’s 93-89 defeat of Charlotte, Berman’s rounded up a somewhat prominent replacement.  Ladies and Gentleman, now blogging for the Post, the former (self-described) No. 1 Point Guard In The NBA, Stephon Marbury.

I sat on the bench for a whole month and didn’t say one word. It wasn’t easy because I love to play but that’s the nature of the biz. Then they made a trade and needed 8 guys and coach told me he had a certain number of minutes. I was cool. My jersey was never hung in my locker though so I never refused to play. Things were never handled properly.

Through it all, I respected their business position to go in another direction just like they have to respect my business position that I have a contract and obligated to pay me. It’s the principle of the whole thing. It’s really not about the money but it’s about the money. Feel me?

While everybody was talking this and that about me being in LA as a distraction at the Lakers game, I was out there meeting a shipment overseas with my new product. I went to the game because I wanted to see the game. Al Harrington is one of my closest friends so I wanted to see him as well. It’s tough watching other players on the floor when you want to be out there on the court but I had to endure it and shift some of my focus to business and getting outside of my self by helping others.

I’m far from perfect but I always follow my heart so I know my path is true. We’re gonna make mistakes but how can you grow if you never have the opportunity to move past your mistakes. I don’t know where this is headed, but in time it will be resolved. In the meantime, I wish everybody out there a safe and Happy New Year in the greatest city on earth.

One love.