(though the Blues fan shown above is unidentified, we can only imagine the disappointment he’s feeling today)

Not only did the St. Louis Blues drop a matinee, 5-2, this afternoon to Nashville, but their loyal fans have suffered a loss almost as devastating. Melt Your Face Off reports the club run by CSTB’s fave Mormon, Dave Checketts, recently reneged on an offer of one ticket + all the suds you could suck down for $25.

That™s right: all the draft beer you can drink. Granted, we™re talking about a selection that spans from Bud all the way to Bud Light, but still, free beer is free beer. Especially considering that $25 will normally buy you two and a half beers or so at Scottrade, never mind the price of the ticket.

Uh, not so fast. By 4 p.m., Blues management decided that perhaps pumping 19,000 people driving 8,000 cars full of alcohol wasn™t such a smart œbusiness decision, in the words of CEO Peter McLoughlin. Or maybe, just possibly, one of the Blues™ lawyers got the same email I did and trampled several paralegals in his/her haste to get to a phone. McLoughlin appeared to be trying to shift the blame to an overeager intern.