Bob McCown (above) of Toronto’s Fan 590 weighed in on the subject of International Women’s Day this past Tuesday, and along with with dissing female volleyball players (” I have never seen a women’s volleyball player that I would consider to be attractive. I’m not saying they’re all dogs… but it’s just not overwhelming, you know what I mean?”) and women in soccer (“you don’t get enough closeups in soccer anyway to tell whether they’re attractive or not”) while dropping the following bits of insight on his audience ;

The sole motivation for any man to watch women’s sport is: are they half naked? Are they good looking? Other than that, it don’t matter. I don’t care what the quality of competition is. I don’t care how good they are. I don’t care if its a World Championship or your next door neighbour. Guys are only interested in women’s sport if it’s good looking chicks.

It’s a heck of a statement to make, especially when you consider some segment of McCown’s listenership isn’t particularly bothered about whether or not women are attractive.  They might have some useful tips for his time-warp hairstyle and inability to properly use a razor, but that’s another topic for another day.