YES Michael Kay isn’t exactly the most humble of all broadcasters, so it’s with considerable interest the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman contemplated a recent apology of sorts from the Yankee mouthpiece (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

After the Rangers eliminated the Yankees with a 6-1 Game 6 ALCS win, Michael Kay, standing on the field in Arlington with Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network, mike in hand, offered an apology, albeit not a tear-stained on

Remember, it was Kay who went on Al Yankzeera’s Game 1 postgame show and declared Texas dead after the Bombers’ comeback win.

Cue the sad violin: “I couldn’t have been more wrong after Game 1,” Kay said on YES’ Game 6 postgame. “… I apologize to our listeners to say something like that. I thought it was over for sure. Obviously it wasn’t. They bounced back. That didn’t affect them, that five-run eighth inning.”

We could easily accuse Kay of being self-absorbed. Why else would he inject himself into the story when the only legit one was about the Yankees elimination and embarrassment? And if Kay was in full apology mode, why not apologize to the Rangers too? After all, following Game 1 he basically called them spineless.

Nah, why be cynical? Kay’s apology outweighs the other stuff, kind of like a presidential veto. Another loose end: Why no “I’m sorry” for Cliff Lee? Kay claimed Lee’s resin stained hat is “illegal.”

Maybe Kay is waiting to make that apology in person. When he interviews Lee after he becomes the newest member of the Yankees pitching staff.