Needless to say, “American Storm” isn’t nearly as good a song as “2+2=?”. But aside from footage of Bob and the Silver Bullet Band — seemingly a larger ensemble than most symphony orchestras — rocking hard on a stage the size of an aircraft carrier, an alternative version of the “American Storm” video benefited from scenery chewing turns from James Woods, Randy Quaid, Lesley Ann Warren and Scott Glenn. What’s actually happening during these scenes is a bit hard to figure out. It seems to have something to do with cocaine. And the tossing of drinks/food (which usually accompanies a cocaine deal, if memory serves me correctly).

I saw the original clip on VH-1 and MTV a handful of times in 1986 and struggled mightily to discern any sort of storyline. Or for that matter, how this clip ever came to see the light of day. The other version floating around the YouTubes (above) only features the lipsynch footage — perhaps Scott Glenn was concerned he might be recognized.