The following item provides me with yet another opportunity to run an ancient, possibly out of context quote by Darla Records’ Chandra Tobey, who characterized Sacramento, CA’s residents as œpeople with frosted hair, really gross long nails, mullets and trucks; lots of overweight, out of shape, pale and greasy people.”  We can now add to that list, “really poor at  City Hall security”, as the Boston Globe’s Marc J. Spears explains.

Sacramento mayoral candidate Kevin Johnson, the three-time NBA All-Star, recently caused a stir when a security guard allowed him and his driver after-hours entrance into the City Council chambers, where Johnson briefly sat in the mayor’s chair before being caught by a council member. City manager Ray Kerridge said the security guard violated policy by allowing Johnson in. “The guy was excited,” Johnson said to the Sacramento Bee. “To me, that’s the kind of customer service you want all city employees to have.” Johnson, who is running against two-term incumbent Heather Fargo, has received endorsements from the likes of Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Shaquille O’Neal. “I don’t think it was criminal, I just think it was kind of bizarre,” Fargo told the Bee. “Seeing him sit in my chair was kind of unsettling. I guess he’s feeling pretty sure of himself and wanted to see where he was going to be.”