Once again showing a penchant for calling unnecessary attention to himself that makes Dan Le Batard seem like a relative wallflower, former Rangers/Mets/Red Sox skipper Bobby Valentine chatted with WFAN’s Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno-Zeningo Thursday, and claimed he was once orders to curtail his Curtis Sliwa-like pursuit of PED offenders From CBS NY :

When asked if he knew of any players using PEDs during his years as a major league manager, Valentine first said “I don’t think so,” but then segued to a specific incident during his time in Texas.

“My first thought, inkling, was back in the mid-1980s when Ruben Sierra came to my spring training and he had gained 30 pounds over the winter and I didn’t think he was a big weight-lifter. So, I tried to figure it out, investigate it, and then people told me it wasn’t some place I should be, so I never even looked again. If it was ever brought up, to tell you the truth, I said, please, bring it up in my presence.”

When asked by Roberts who, specifically, told him to back off, the organization or Sierra’s people, Valentine responded, “Whomever, it was a long time ago.”