It’s been a number of years since former Blazer Channing Frye lit up the blogosphere with his incisive film criticism, so perhaps it’s time for current Portland C Robin Lopez to add a bit of cinema history to analysis of his 27-9 club.  From Willlamette Week’s Matthew Singer :

On Twitter, you compared this team to the Goonies. What Goonie-ish qualities do you see in this squad?

The Goonies are a close-knit group. They believe in themselves, even though there are doubters throwing darts at them outside. I posted that catch phrase a couple times, “Goonies never say die.” That’s pretty in line with the mentality of our team.

I asked Damian [Lillard] if he had seen Goonies. He said no. I’m questioning how many people on this team have actually seen the movie.

You said you’re the Chunk of the team.

There aren’t too many clean parallels between people and their characters. I definitely do think Wes [Matthews] is Mouth. As far as Chunk goes, I think we’re both very ridiculous, maybe in different ways.