Hardly content to end the year with some introspective thoughts on world events (“Was I the only one who thought Benazir Bhutto looked kinda good for a middle-aged broad from the Middle East? You know I like girls with glasses. Makes you wonder what was under that bee keeper suit.”), Byron Crawford reports on what could be the hottest rental at Blockbuster this winter.

Well apparently there’s a new DVD, called Stop Snitching II, which just hit the streets of Baltimore. As far as I know, there’s no celebrity cameos. But there are some hilarious scenes, like cats busting their guns in the air right there in the middle of the street; and a kid who looks like he can’t be any older than 8 or 9 smoking weed and waving a gun around.

Perhaps in response to the media frenzy surrounding the original Stop Snitching DVD, the guy who produced it, Rodney Bethea, makes an appearances and attempts to explain what actually constitutes snitching. According to him, a grandmother who calls the police on kids selling crack in front of her house wouldn’t be considered snitching, since she’s not involved in the deal herself.

Fair enough, though I doubt that would inspire confidence in me to call the cops on these mofos if I was unfortunate enough to live in one of these areas. I’ve been watching the Wire for years now. I know how it works.