If you’ve never wondered how good the Baltimore Ravens might be with a decent QB leading their offense, you’ve either not watched them play, or your last name is Billick, Fassel or Neuheisel. From the New York Post’s Ken Palmer :

Ignoring his body of work, Baltimore sources say the club has no plans to remove quarterback Kyle Boller from the starting lineup.

In fact, one AFC exec told The Post it’s simply because of Ravens coach Brian Billick’s arrogance.

“The three offensive geniuses [Billick, offensive coordinator Jim Fassel and quarterbacks coach Rick Neuheisel] have had no impact on Boller at all,” the exec said. “In fairness to them, I don’t think anyone could coach Boller, but their thinking that they can make something out of nothing is really hurting that team.”

The Ravens, one of the trendy Super Bowl picks, have Anthony Wright as their backup, which is part of the reason for their patience with Boller. The club must still be kicking itself for not signing Kerry Collins, who’s about to have a huge year in Oakland, when it had the chance.

I have little to add except to say Jamal Lewis (above, right) certainly looks different after his release from prison.