Though I’ve read almost nothing but good things about Phil Morrison’s “Junebug”, CNN’s Paul Clinton has piqued my curiosity about “A Sound Of Thunder”.

That sound you hear while watching “A Sound of Thunder” is actually audience members thundering toward the exits in an effort to get away from this ghastly film.

People at the studio screening I attended began fleeing after 10 minutes — and they got in for free. Indeed, while the credits rolled I heard a guy shout out, “I want my money back.”

Based on a story by renowned sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury, “A Sound of Thunder” has sat on a shelf at Warner Bros. (like CNN, a unit of Time Warner) gathering dust for two years — and it should have stayed there. In fact, Bradbury should be given James Bond’s license to kill and mow down the three screenwriters — Thomas Dean Donnelly, Joshua Oppenheimer and Gregory Poirier — who wrote this piece of junk.

“A Sound of Thunder” could possibly lower your IQ into the single digits. It’s the worst movie of the year — this year, 2055 or even one that featured living dinosaurs.

I’m wondering how a studio could fashion a pull quote out the above review.