Whether it is arrogance or loyalty, Barry Bonds clearly doesn’t give a shit about how things look to the rest of us. Though it would be a much bigger story if he was training with Gregg Anderson of Sunn 0))).

From Woodward & Bernstein of the Juice Era, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams.

Giants star Barry Bonds, sidelined with a knee injury, is working out regularly under the supervision of his longtime friend and weight trainer Greg Anderson, who is awaiting trial in the BALCO steroids case on charges of distributing performance-enhancing drugs to elite athletes.

Bonds’ attorney, Michael Rains, said he has had several conversations with the outfielder in the past year and a half, advising him against continuing to train with Anderson.

“In the conservative world of legal advice, I have told Barry that it was probably better that he not have contact with Greg,” Rains said Friday in a telephone interview. “But I’ve had enough discussions with Barry to know what friendship means to him. He values his friendship with Greg and always has, as well as the training regimen Greg has given him.”

One week after Bonds’ second right-knee surgery on March 17, the Giants announced their slugger had returned to San Francisco to continue his rehab work. The team said Bonds made the decision after a long discussion with trainer Stan Conte and assistant trainer Dave Groeschner, who also flew back to oversee the workouts at SBC Park.

Conte cited the “state-of-the-art equipment” available to Bonds at the team’s home ballpark as the primary reason for the rehab to continue in the Bay Area.