That former Sirius/XM sports yapper / paragon of hate fuckery Dino Costa might not have the most enlightened take on the St. Louis Rams cutting rookie DE Michael Sam is not a big surprise, especially if you recall Costa’s hysterical reaction to a minor display of affection between two adult males.  Still, freed from the constraints of corporate employers, any advertisers and relying upon a smattering of podcast subscribers/acolytes, Costa can raise a 7th round draft pick’s poor job prospects to something akin to a battle between good and evil. In Dino’s view, Michael Sam is “representative of a movement, an agenda, a mafia like army of people who are hell-bent on capsizing the ways of God ordained, traditional, normal, every day life,” and if you’re not opposed to this alleged movement, “you ought go and have a conversation with God about it.”

Michael Sam represented a way of life, and a lifestyle, that data clearly shows causes and spreads disgusting diseases, and in many cases is a lifestyle that causes the death and destruction of individuals and often times entire families.

The above sentence is inarguable to anyone seeking to debate me on this issue utilizing factual information.

Mike Sam was the latest to lead this brainwashing revolution that too many people have been buying into (not that they have a choice) – and his ascent to the roster of an NFL team would have been a significant symbolic marker to those who are rabidly involved in the movement of psychologically coercing and intimidating people into buying all in – or else.

Sam’s place on an NFL roster would be much more than that – it would be viewed by the Homosexual community as proof positive that a sodomite lifestyle could mesh seamlessly within the culture of an NFL locker room and the greater NFL community.

Sam, writes Costa, “was expected and counted upon to lead a modern age revolution that would have punctured one of the last remaining areas of society yet to be polluted by the kind of unnatural lifestyle he leads.” To laugh at loud at such declarations, is in Dino’s opinion, an example of “Christaphobia” ; he actually claims that during Tim Tebow’s NFL tenue, the pious QB “was greeted with less than enthusiastic fanfare from the majority of those covering the NFL for a living.” Who knew ESPN was so hard to get in Wyoming?

As far as Costa’s Fear Of A Sodomite Planet is concerned, the good people at Websters define sodomy as “anal or oral intercourse between human beings.” With that in mind, I think it’s a pretty fair bet that practitioners of such acts infiltrated NFL locker rooms — if not everywhere else — a very long time ago.