Great writing today flogging me…you never disappoint! I need all the pub I can get, G…we look forward to your next missive with relish baby!


Kindest regards,

-dc, 5/10/14

Over the weekend fledgling podcaster / former Sirius XM host Dino Costa reacted with characteristic hysteria to Rams hopeful Michael Sam’s televised kiss and embrace of a male companion, essentially telling the world that such scenes were likely to turn his children into homosexuals, activists or worst of all, homosexual activists.  Costa, who during his SXM tenure frequently railed against an alleged homosexual agenda — repeatedly referring to a “lifestyle”  —- launched a subscription webcast service just 6 days ago, one that to date had attracted only one sponsor, a Jackson Hole, WY lemonade company.  Tellingly, none of Costa’s old advertisers from Mad Dog Radio have come along for the ride.

On Monday, after Costa’s comments concerning Sam were widely circulated, the Dust Cutter beverage firm informed Dino they’d no longer be advertising on his program.  You’ll note said decision comes less than two days after I warned the former sponsor their decision to associate themselves with Costa, “will go down in history as one of the dumbest business decisions of the modern era, perhaps only surpassed by his those of his other enablers / financial supporters, who for their own sakes, hopefully possess more money than brains.”

Costa, as has been his habit for a couple of years now, declared “I need all the pub I can get”. I wouldn’t say I’m exactly happy to oblige, but oblige I shall.

On Tuesday, Dino, or as I like to call him these days, Bonkers From Yonkers, claimed Dust Cutter’s owner had told him the webcast — all 6 days of it — was “too polarizing” for their brand. Predictably, the narrowcaster who never met a debacle he couldn’t blame on someone else, took this as confirmation his barely extant show was “too hot” to handle, and Dust Cutter, a company he’d previously praised to the heavens, were in fact a coven of gutless, P.C.-apologists. Expounding further on the opening of his Tuesday show , Costa suggested this mess might’ve been avoided as he and his partners (ie. a couple of Jersey meatheads he’s on the hook to for a cool quarter million) had properly vetted the lemonade sellers to ensure ideological compatibility.

So there you have it, a golden opportunity awaits another commercial enterprise, though it will have to be one with the stomach for Costa saying and writing things the overwhelming majority of their customers find abhorrent. Simply because Dust Cutter blew their big chance at becoming Snapple-4-Bigots-And-Assholes doesn’t mean someone else might not be up to the challenge.

I mean, it’s not bloody likely, but like the rest of Costa’s pipe dreams, when this one doesn’t come to fruition, you can bet ($250,000.00) it’ll be because the combined forces of the Gay Mafia, persons who actually believe the Boston Marathon bombings happened, gridiron emasculator Roger Goodell and former (titular) employer Chris Russo managed to hold him back.

As opposed to, y’know, he just totally sucks.