A day after dissing Murray Chass, George Steinbrenner builds on a contentious relationship with the local press after the Yankees’ 12-5 win over the Royals.

From the NY Daily News’ Jesse Spector.

A security guard refused to let reporters wait for Steinbrenner outside the door he’d use for an exit, declaring that the area on the other side of the press entrance was the place to wait.

When told that Steinbrenner would likely be able to make it to his car before reporters would be able to ask any questions, the guard said, “Maybe there’s a reason for that,” then threatened to “get the P.D. involved.”

When Steinbrenner did come out, reporters walked toward him, only to be restrained by four guards, including the initial one, who delivered a hard palm to the chest of a reporter. A second reporter got the same treatment from another guard.