On the matter of Tiger Woods calling himself “a spazz”, ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd flipped out this morning over “The London Telegraph (sic)” criticizing Woods for his choice of words.

“London newsapers have pictures of naked people all over them, where do they get off lecturing about decency?” sneered Cowherd (above), who claimed (presumably) with a straight face that he had no idea “spazz” might refer to someone with cerebral palsy. Presumably, he also had no clue that “spazz” might be derived from “spastic”.

“London newspapers,” opined Cowherd, “are busy covering the Queen waving to people and William and Harry’s polo scores. Leave the real news to the big boys.”

Though there are many things wrong with The Daily Telegaph, American readers will become very frustrated if they’re looking for pin-up pics (or coverage of, as Cowherd put it, “the Queen going to the bathroom”).

But I do take Colin’s general point — no one on earth is more qualified to tackle the planet’s big stories than the American news media. Stories about plagiarism or untalented radio hacks who think their listeners want to hear about their hard-ons for Courtney Love.