The Celtics held a press conference Thursday to introduce acquisitions Scott Pollard (above)  and Eddie House, and the former has already endeared himself to the local scribes with the not entirely serious suggestion that he’s the new cornerstone of the franchise. From the Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy (link swiped from the FanHouse’s Matt Watson).

œGetting Kevin Garnett here was a big deal, but with us here, now you have a chance, the 32-year-old center said without breaking his deadpan expression as the unsuspecting House doubled over in amazed laughter.

House will wear No. 50 and Pollard No. 66. The reason?

œBecause all the other (expletive) numbers were taken here, Pollard said, looking around a conference room that had the numbers of Bill Russell (6), Tom Heinsohn (15), John Havlicek (17), Robert Parish (00), Larry Bird (33) and Kevin McHale (32) hanging on the wall. . . .

Props to Pollard for showing deference to Hank Finkel by not selecteding number 29.

For the first and only time, the names Don Beebe and Chris Kaman shall appear in the same sentence.

Peter John Ramos – still gainfully employed.