“It’s a great story, it’s Roy Hobbs without a gunshot,” gushed Tony Kornheiser on PTI today regarding the inspiring tale of St. Louis’ reliever turned PCL slugger Rick Ankiel. “It’s the best thing we can say about sports. It’s not dog fighting and it’s not steroids and it’s not making it rain in a strip club.” The equally restrained Rob Dibble of XM Radio insisted today that Ankiel would “absolutely, without question have a ten year career as a major league outfielder.”

While I’m not nearly as moved as either of the gents above, nor as touched as Will Leitch for that matter, I would like to see another organization follow suit. To be specific, what’s stopping the Atlanta Braves from giving Mark Wohlers a shot at the outfield in September? Particularly on days when the overworked Willie Harris might otherwise patrol left field against the Mets.

Congrats to recently waived Yanks starter Kei Igawa, who might be going from the heat of a pennant race to uh, the heat of a pennant race.

Similar recognition is due to former Padres farmhand Rick Guttormson, who this week became the first player to fail a drug test in the long and storied history of Japan’s professional ranks. Neifi Perez just left a text message — he’ll be really impressed when Guttormson flunks for a second time.

Can’t they afford 7 second delay on WABC?