Most mornings when XM 175’s Larry Bowa, Buck Martinez and Mark Patrick are doing their thing, I’m sawing logs and dreaming of well…let’s say something other than Larry Bowa, Buck Martinez and Mark Patrick. However, about once a week I’m up bright and early and driving to an airport somewhere, and each time I tune into the trio’s chit chat program, I’m treated to something almost as amazing as the following :

Larry on C.C. Sabathia wearing his hat sideways :

I read somewhere where he said he doesn’t even know how he puts it on, it just ends up that way. That’s a lie. No one has ever put on a hat without knowing which way it faced. You know where the brim is. He’s a liar.

Bowa went on to suggest that opposing managers should use Sabathia’s cap as a reason to insist on a balk being called. “He’s trying to deceive the runner.”

(C.C. – not fooling anyone on Tuesday night)

After a caller told Bowa, “I know a girl who is a big fan of yours, she’s from Philadelphia.”, Larry replied,

Yeah? What’s her name, Mrs. Wade?