In all seriousness, Larry Bowa on early AM XM comes off like Edward R. Murrow compared to Kevin Kennedy and Rob Dibble. And he’s less likely to suffer an aneurysm. From the Courier Post’s Aaron Bracy :

You’re not the only one who thought former Phillies manager Larry Bowa would be the last person to turn up as a member of the media.

Bowa, himself, never had much desire to get into the profession until ESPN asked if he’d be interested in doing some analysis for the playoffs last fall.

“They approached me right after the season and I thought it would be sort of fun,” said Bowa, who often was at odds with the media as a player and manager. “I decided I might as well try it to see if I liked it.”

Bowa liked it enough that he finds himself today with not one, but two, media jobs. He debuts as an analyst for ESPN’s Baseball Tonight this season, and in February began co-hosting a baseball show on XM Satellite Radio.

He turned down a coaching position with the Marlins to accept the ESPN job, meaning this will be his first year out of uniform since 1966.

“I liked the fact you could talk about baseball and (ESPN) thought I did a pretty good job and asked me to come back,” Bowa said. “I didn’t know really what I wanted to do, but I weighed a couple things and decided to give it a shot and see what transpires from it.”

“We were happy with the job Larry did during the postseason, bringing a current manager’s perspective to our coverage,” ESPN spokesman Nate Smeltz said. “We look forward to having him for a full season.”

Opposite of how he often appeared in TV interviews as manager of the Phils, Bowa seemed completely comfortable in front of the ESPN cameras last fall. He was forthright in his analysis, which is something you can expect of him this season.

“The one thing when you analyze is you try to be as honest as you can,” he said. “The most important thing is you have to be yourself. People who know you will know if you’re lying or being phony or trying to cover up.”