Out of minor league options, IF Ruben Gotay (.295 BA in 98 big league games last season) was waived on Thursday by the New York Mets, and picked up on Friday by the Atlanta Braves. While it’s unlikely Gotay will turn out to be the next Marco Scutaro, it’s somewhat infuriating to note the former is considered surplus to requirements, while there’s still a chance Fernando Tatis (.215 this spring) might make the club’s 25 man roster. Mets Blog’s Matthew Cerrone is amongst those wondering what precisely Tatis’ appeal might, beyond an alleged ability to play multiple positions.

the whole reason behind tatis making the team instead – is because tatis is a better hitter against left-handed pitching and is more versatile¦whatever¦i™m not so sure tatis can hit lefties, as much as he can stand in the box against lefties¦i™ll believe he can hit them when i see it¦also, versatile¦really¦hey, i can play outfield too¦it doesn™t mean i can play it well, but i can stand out there and run after the ball¦so, to call tatis versatile may be a slight stretch¦

The Journal News’ John Delcos is presumably with the Mets today in Memphis, but during the team’s stint at Port St. Lucie, Delcos bemoaned “the unbelievable rudeness and attitude”. No, not on the part of Bart Hubbach, but rather, the snot-nosed, underage patrons at Tradition Field.

Easley, let me have your hat,™™ said the voice that couldn™t have been more than 13 or 14 as the Mets third baseman ran off the field after the game.No please, no thank you. Of course, mom and dad are usually standing beside them yelling the same things.

Hats, bats, jerseys, gloves. They ask for everything. Of course, it is to sell. Why don™t they ask the players to just write a check?

These ugly scenes must be distinguished from what happens during the regular season. That’s when adults lean over the railing and demand that Paul Lo Duca write a check.