OK, a lame headline, but I’m trying (lamely) to inject a bit of levity to the proceedings after hearing the sad news that Jared Jeffries is out for the next 6-8 weeks. Clinton Portis just phoned in to say the preseason’s way too long.

Outside of the infirmary, the nuevo run & gun, win-or-Isiah’s-toast Knicks are showing signs of life, winning their 3rd consecutive exhibition with last night’s 116-108 defeat of the Celtics. While Boston’s Rajon Rondo garnered the late night highlights, it was the much maligned Knicks rookie Renaldo Balkman (above, 9 points, 7 boards) who might’ve been the beneficiary of some pregame criminal activity. From the NY Post’s Marc Berman.

The Knicks continued to get breaks that included not having to face Boston point guard Sebastian Telfair after halftime for the most bizarre of reasons. Telfair was said to be heading to a Manhattan police station to look at lineups stemming from a shooting Monday night of a rapper, Fabolous. Telfair torched the Knicks in the opening minutes, scoring Boston’s first nine points and getting 14 by halftime. Celts officials said Telfair didn’t play because he “didn’t feel well.”

Some guys just know how to look sharp, regardless of the circumstances.

From the Best Friends Forever Dept., the following is culled from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Dwain Price.

Sacramento Kings guard Ron Artest sympathized with his former Indiana Pacers teammate Stephen Jackson, who was involved recently in an incident outside an Indianapolis strip club, during which he was hit by a car and fired a gun into the air.

“I was just upset that the guy hit Stephen with that car,” Artest said. “If I was there, I probably would have helped Stephen out.”

Gilbert Arenas would like the world to know that’s he’s not weird. He’s advanced.

I realize things have been rough over at MSG the past few years, but the jpg above suggest the Knicks have either put Channing Frye to work in the ticket office, or they expect him to purchase his own seats.