Chelsea 1, Barcelona 0

Not since Michael P.S. Hayes‘ heyday, have I seen someone execute a turn so clinically as Didier Drogba. If he tried his hand at “Bad Street, USA”, I bet he’d improve on that, too.

Not only are CSKA Moscow atop Group G, but consider this : who else has beaten Thierry Henry and Elton Brand in the same week?

If you’ve ever thought some continental shirts have become too clutered with logos and text, don’t worry, UEFA have clearly drawn the line. There’s no place for a (nebulous) political message on the shirt collar, not when said space could still be sold to a commercial entity (link courtesy The Offside)

If you thought nobody was paying attention to reserve matches, consider that Liverpool’s Jerzy Dudek is facing a 5 match ban for his reaction last week to a tackle from Everton’s Victor Anichebe.

On the bright side, Donna Shalala is already petitioning to reduce the suspension to one game.