While the Thunder prepare to host the Rockets later this evening, Brent Barry takes time out of his busy routine with the latter to offer SI.com some poetry about the former’s old home.  Here’s just a portion (link taken from True Hoop) :

The 90s brought grunge, alternative stuff and everyone took the pill,
They brought in George Karl, and with wit and a snarl, he seemed to fit the bill.
Gary Payton took his rightful place, as the greatest to wear the fatigues,
And with alley-oops and spinning scoops the Glove was tearing through the league. (Did I mention that he liked to talk trash?)
The Reign Man was made immortal, ripping rims down coast to coast,
And the biggest treat to all those plays was Kevin Calabro as the host.
Squatch was waving Sonic flags with fans right by his side,
And KC was on that magic carpet and taking you for the ride.
There was Det and his mullet, Big Smoothe and the Hawk too,
And Mr. Sonic Nate McMillan, who gave his career to you.
Those teams were special for the Emerald City, it’s style was renown,
Sixty-four wins in a single season?  And seeing Mutombo on the ground…
Then glimpses of a Baker, a Mason and a Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen tickled many twines but barely even knew us.
And here I sit in my office space and think of my career,
And what to say to my two sons, did the team just disappear? I played in Key Arena, I lived on Queen Anne hill, I played pinball at Shorty’s after games and ate burgers at Red Mill.
I would have some chowder down at Duke’s and watch the planes take flight And find myself in Fremont if I needed a beer that night.
I saw Star Wars at Cinerama, tossed a pitch at Safeco field, Drove all the way to Bellingham to see Pearl Jam perform Yield.