(Sheets Steps On the DL, among other things)

Sorry, but you wouldn’t have turned that headline down and you know it. I may be proven wrong this afternoon, but the real story in the NL Central race last night wasn’t that the Brewers tied it up with the Cubs. It’s that Brewers starter Ben Sheets left the game in the 2nd inning with a tight ham-string. The “Crew,” as I hear their fan(s) call them, have three tough series left: Atlanta, St. Louis, and San Diego. With San Diego in as tight a race as the Brewers-Cubs for the NL West, any game missed by Sheets will make a large difference. His evaluation is today, but as the hard nosed bloggers of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel note:

… the Brewers can’t worry about that now. Every game is precious after they pulled into a virtual tie for first place in the NL Central with the Cubs.

The Cubs have played two more games than the Brewers and split them. They are 79-73, while the Brewers are 78-72.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that splitting the two games the Brewers play on off days for Chicago will help them stay even with the Cubs. It all depends how the Cubs do over their final 10 games against Pittsburgh, Florida and Cincinnati, all losing clubs.