Dave Meltzer’s Pro Wrestling Observer reported earlier today that former WCW/WWF fixture Brian Adam (above, far right), who achieved his greatest fame as Crush of Road Warrior wannabes Demolition, died earlier today in Tampa, FL.

Though Adams’ stint alongside Ax and Smash will probably not be recalled as a wild artistic success, it should be noted that Adams’ career straddled a few different eras, as evidenced by his managers over the years ranging from Mr. Fuji, to Precious Paul Ellering to Dancing Stevie Richards.

In addition, Adams was the original Demon in WCW’s ill-fated collaboration with Kiss, a role that would later be assumed by Antonio Alfonesca nemsis Dale Torborg.

Incredibly, Adams’ old colleagues in Demolition, Bill Eadie and Barry Darsow, are scheduled for appear for Florida indie promotion UXW on a September 29 card that also includes such legends as Abdullah The Butcher, Sabu and….uh, Norman Smiley.