(note the police barricades in place to restrain John’s legion of admirers)

Though Mr. High, Far, Gone has been pilloried to great effect by no shortage of other commentators, WFMU’s Bronwyn Carlton cannot resist piling on. Nor should she.

The other night he said the White Sox had sent in a player to run for Dye, but Dye had already been called out. In another game, when Derek Jeter got thrown out while trying to steal third, ending the inning, John Sterling said there were two men left on base”but if you didn™t count the guy who™d just been thrown out, there was only one. He can™t get the pitch count right to save his life. The pitch count! (Hey, John”take a peek at the scoreboard.) But the worst thing I ever heard John Sterling do came in the game against Tampa Bay a couple of weeks ago, the one the Yankees lost after giving up 19 runs. The score was 19-5 in the bottom of the ninth, some guy (Green? Guiel?) was on third base, and some other guy (Guiel? Green?) got a hit and drove in the run. The score was so lopsided I was hardly listening, but I perked up a little at that point as John Sterling said, œAnd the Yankees get their sixth run of the game. Maybe there would be an insane, impossible rally”with the Yankees, you never know. But then the next batter was out, and that was the end of the game. And John Sterling said, œAnd the Yankees lose by the score of 19 to 5. Five?! It™s SIX! Six six six six six! He JUST SAID they got their sixth run! He couldn™t remember the score for, like, three minutes. And it was the FINAL score! The Yankees, who have a bazillion dollars to spend on a brand-new stadium and all kinds of broken-down old has-been pitchers, can™t hire a play-by-play guy who can announce the final score of the game correctly?