Consulting an expert the calibre of Jeff Kent (“At this point in his career and the way he’s playing, I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to do enough for the fans to appreciate him on a daily basis,”), the LA Times’ Tim Brown advocates an off-season swap that would send Alex Rodriguez to the Angels or Dodgers.

Colletti and Stoneman are out here with prospects burning holes in their khakis, so a trade would be easy.

McCourt and Moreno are going to draw another seven million-plus, so the salary shouldn’t be a problem.

There are no icons at third base, so the position is yours.

No one will boo you here until, like, April 6, earliest.

Despite recent evidence to the contrary (read: Bobby Abreu), Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman is uncomfortable with the team’s bloated payroll. Among the reasons he wrested control of baseball operations from the Tampa side was to stem the spending, both in salaries and the resulting luxury-tax hit.

So, Matt Kemp plays left, Hideki Matsui moves to right, Abreu is the designated hitter, Jonathan Broxton becomes the closer-in-waiting, the Yankees pick up a small percentage of Rodriguez’s salary, and the Dodgers have themselves a cleanup hitter.

Or, Howie Kendrick plays second, Robinson Cano moves to third, Jered Weaver starts every fifth day, the Yankees pick up a small percentage of Rodriguez’s salary (the Rangers already are paying $9 million a year), and the Angels finally have Vladimir Guerrero’s back.