While the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s D. Orlando Ledbetter insists there’s a racial component to the groundswell of support for Falcons backup QB Matt Schaub over incumbent Michael Vick, his colleague Steve Wyche considers the former’s football attributes.

The fact that Falcons backup quarterback Matt Schaub is known outside of Atlanta as the understudy to popular Pro Bowl player Michael Vick says something about how well he’s capitalized on his rare chances to play in two seasons.

Quick: Name Peyton Manning’s backup. Who’s carrying the clipboards for Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady? Can anyone click off Jake Delhomme’s backup even if spotted the initials C.W.?

Schaub’s production — or lack thereof, depending on the perspective — in his relief performances, coupled with trade interest in him this offseason, has landed him in the crosshairs of controversy that constantly seems to surround Vick.

Schaub could be a better fit for this version of the West Coast offense, his supporters argue. Maybe, but his two losses in his two starts are what really matter, his detractors/Vick supporters argue.

In five seasons, Vick has thrown 51 touchdowns, 39 interceptions, has a 54 percent completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 75.8. He’s also rushed for 2,820 yards.

Schaub, in limited duty in two seasons, has thrown five touchdowns, four interceptions, has a 49.3 percent completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 68.8 percent. He’s rushed for 102 yards.

Numbers aside, with Vick never playing a full season because of injuries, Schaub has stepped in and done pretty much what’s required of a backup quarterback — far more went into the losses than his performance — which is why the Falcons feel they have arguably the best quarterback situation in the NFL.

Yeah, they’re in perfect shape. Their starting QB is ridiculously talented, though erratic and likely to be decapitated on any play.  His understudy has failed to lose any game singlehandedly, therefore “they have the best quarterback situation in the NFL.”

Can you imagine how envious the Patriots, Colts or Bengals must be?