Can you believe Larry Brown turned down a chance to match wits with such coaching legends as Michael Cooper and Dennis Johnson?  From the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola.

Larry Brown (above, left) says he was “flattered” to be offered the head coaching job with the D-League Colorado 14ers, but the former Knicks coach turned down the opportunity to work in the NBA minor league because of family considerations.

“If it was okay with my wife it would have been something to consider,” Brown said yesterday by phone. “It is the type of job where you can help develop kids.”

The Denver Post reported on Thursday that Gary Hunter – the president and CEO of the 14ers’ parent company, Broomfield Sports – offered Brown the job. The 14ers are affiliated with the Denver Nuggets, the Nets and the Toronto Raptors. The job would have given Brown the chance to return to the Denver area – he coached the Nuggets from 1974-79 – and work closely with his good friends, Denver coach George Karl and assistant Doug Moe.

“He loves Colorado and he loves to develop basketball players,” Hunter told the Denver Post. “Under the circumstances, he decided he better spend some more time with his family before deciding about his future. He said money is no object.”

Translation : they didn’t offer him any. Next week, Larry mulls over an offer to become the ABA’s first combined  Player/Coach/GM/Owner and League Commissioner.