Kudos to the New York Post’s Andrea Peyser. Rather than ring up persons who might’ve gloated for a moment or two over Isiah Thomas’ recent hospitalization (Larry Brown, Stephon Marbury, George Karl), she’s instead sought the opinion of…someone who could’ve gloated all weekend.

“I’ve said all along he should have time to reflect on how badly he’s treated people over the years. Now that he’s not working, he should think about the victims of Isiah. Maybe that’s what’s going on,” Anucha Browne Sanders told The Post.

“I doubt it,” said the woman who netted almost $12 million in her sexual-harassment suit against Thomas and the team, in which she claimed he callously branded her a “bitch.”

Speaking out for the first time since her former tormentor was rushed to a Westchester hospital after what cops described as an apparent prescription-drug overdose, Sanders said she feels sympathy only for Thomas’ family.

“If he tried to commit suicide, I don’t want to pounce on him,” she said, but “I don’t feel sorry for him. You make your bed, you lie in it.”

Browne Sanders added:

“I don’t know what to say about it. If he’s not mentally stable, I’m not going to say anything to make it worse,” but she surmised he was likely having a tough time adjusting to life outside the Madison Square Garden bubble.

“That whole environment, you don’t realize how sick an environment it is until you step away from it,” said Sanders, who was canned from her Knick job after complaining about Thomas’ conduct.

“I just think he should probably stay and play with [the management at] Madison Square Garden. That’s where he belongs,” she said. “It’s just pitiful.”