As Deflategate threatens to become the NFL’s biggest public relations disaster since, well, since the league took a cavalier approach to a star player punching his female companion’s lights out, Boston Sports Media’s Bruce Allen takes great exception to the level of invective directed at the New England Patriots and widely-disliked head coach Bill Belichick. “Roger Goodell can get himself into the good graces with the media by inflicting the harshest possible punishment upon Belichick and the Patriots,” observes Allen. “this satisfies the bloodlust of the media and the public outside of New England, and gets Goodell back into the good graces of the media after his PR fiascos earlier in the season.”

Nothing matters other than the fact the owner of the Colts, coming off a season in which he was suspended for six games, gave a crony columnist a middle of the night tip, which initially the columnist thought to ignore, but instead realized that since it was the Patriots, he’d get a lot of play out of it, and ran with it, and now says Belichick should be suspended for the Super Bowl and for that is a national star.

Nothing matters other than the fact that Belichick isn’t cuddly with the media, and most out there would like nothing more than to see him fired and disgraced, so they’re put aside any objectivity they may (unlikely) have possessed and have gone all-in on the idea that this is a huge cheat masterminded by Bill Belichick who personally oversaw the deflation of the footballs. (also unlikely) That’s the true endgame here.