While the Braves managed to make short work of New York’s John Maine earlier today (4 IP, 8 hits, 4 earned runs, 3 walks, 5 K’s) — Atlanta leads, 4-3 after 5 innings — Fox’s Ken Rosenthal provided the obligatory note about how Mets SS Jose Reyes will be “toning it down” this year, yet another reference to the speedster’s penchant for funny handshakes, supposedly excessive celebrations, etc.

Just in case we didn’t know what Rosenthal was talking about — and perhaps for the benefit of blind viewers, unable to see Fox’s clips of Jose doing-his-thing in years past — Tim McCarver launched into a lengthy diatribe about Reyes’ uncouth behavior, the degree to which he’s pissed off opponents (the Marlins in particular) and all but held the shortstop responsible for the Mets’ September collapse.

“So…,” mused Joe Buck. “Other teams play harder against the Mets because…they don’t like his handshake?”

An audibly frustrated McCarver replied, “It’s about decorum. It’s about being a professional. You don’t see David Wright doing that kind of thing.”

After a slight pause, Buck chimed back in. “It’s just Week One. I’m only yanking your chain.”

Indeed, this is merely the first weekend of season, but I believe we’ve witnessed a historic event. For the first and only time in his lengthy career, Joe Buck actually said something funny.