Seattle signed veteran free agent SS Pokey Reese earlier today to a one year contract worth up to $1.2 million, and included a club option for 2006. The highly regarded 22-year old SS Jose Lopez is expected to begin that year at Triple A Tacoma, while Jolbret Cabrera’s contract was peddled to an unspecified Japanese club.

With the addition of Adrian Beltre at 3rd, Richie Sexson at 1B and Reese at short, the Mariners’ infield is vastly improved heading into the 2005 season. And it would stand to reason that Reese’s range will make Beltre’s life a bit easier.

Kenmore Square street vendors, already stuck with a ton of “Pokey Woulda Had That” t-shirts following the trade of Nomar Garciaparra last summer, are doubly fucked.