While the casual observer would see a dichotomy between the Bucks’ respectable 12-10 start and the club’s most home attendance figures thus far (avg. 13,711, 28th in the Association), Bucketsball’s Jeremy Schmidt “applauds Milwaukee for not falling for” a team that’s “12 deep with average to above average players”.

Without a star, there’s little hope in Milwaukee. Sure, it’s not so simple as to declare “IT IS TIME TO REBUILD” and have a star fall into your lap, but certainly there is more the Bucks could have done over the past few years to get a star. There has been no effort made to take steps necessary to secure a top level talent for the Bucks since the 2009 draft. Instead, the organization has been steadfast in its quest for a first round exit from the playoffs for the past three seasons.

I don’t know exactly the reasoning behind the drive for mediocrity, but logic would indicate that the risk of blowing up a team would be too great. Fans would stay away while the Bucks rebuilt themselves over a three or four years period. Shooting for the playoffs in theory would be a more noble cause. One that fans could get behind.

But fans are not getting behind these Milwaukee Bucks, regardless of their cause. The attendance numbers speak for themselves. Sure, the Bucks are sixth in the Eastern Conference as of today, but their resume is fraudulent. They’re a house built on a shoddy frame, one that can’t really survive the wear and tear of time and it appears the fans are aware of it.