Yankees 14, White Sox 3

There’s a couple of ways to look at Kenny Williams’ supposed interest in deaing Javier Vazquez or Freddy Garcia in exchange for one of the Mets’ relievers :

1) If the past two games at Yankee Stadium are anything to go by, the White Sox need bullpen help, badly.

2) If Mark Buerhle’s last three starts (0-3, 13.81 ERA) are any indication, they might not be able to sacrifice Vazquez nor Garcia so easily

It would be a bit of stretch to say Chris Denorfia made Wayne Krivsky look good tonight. So let’s try this : Brian Fuentes and Clint Barmes made Wayne Krivsky look good tonight.

The Astros scored 12 runs for Andy Pettitte (10 K’s) tonight in the non-masturbator’s shutout of the Marlins. Houston have managed to score a total of 11 runs in Roger Clemens’ 4 starts. You might be going to the Hall Of Fame, Rocket, but if you keep your hands off your cock, good things can happen.

Though a 14-6 pasting of the Giants will take some attention away from the Phillies’ pending fire sale, Sal Fasano can hang his head in shame after the Sultan Of Surly collected a rare SB.

Mike Napoli went deep for the Angels tonight against the D-Rays. The bad news is that an Italian tribunal has relegated him to Serie B.

John Smoltz has been the beneficiary of the longball tonight, as the Braves lead the Padres, 11-0 behind a pair of HR’s from Andruw Jones and Brian McCann. The former’s traveled some 453 feet and might’ve gone a bit further had it not collided with the Petco upper deck.