While the Sultan Of Surly’s lawyers deny there’s an imminent indictment pending for their client, the Contra Costa Times’ Neil Hayes promises “this is Barry’s last season in San Francisco.”

Few players in baseball history have meant as much to their franchise as Bonds has meant to the Giants and not even they want him around next season.

Magowan and chief operating officer Larry Baer may disagree. They know how much Bonds has meant to the gate, even if his drawing power is greatly diminished because of his eroding skills and the scandal that dogs him. Take a poll of everyone else in the organization and it would be virtually unanimous: bon voyage. We don’t need this headache for 12 homers. And take your posse with you. Putting up with all the things that you have to put up with to employ Barry Bonds isn’t worth it when he’s producing at his current rate. More important, if only because we’re finally meandering back to where we started, the Giants don’t need Bonds to keep the turnstiles spinning in 2007. The promise of All-Star seats will keep season-ticket sales high without Bonds. It’s the ideal time to rebuild. That’s why debating whether the Giants will bring Bonds back next season isn’t a debate at all.

He’s already gone.