This will probably come as slim consolation to Portland fans; just imagine how little the Oregonian’s John Canzano would have to work with if the Blazers weren’t Team Turmoil?

The Big Bang Theory was put to the test Tuesday when reporters waiting to be let into a Trail Blazers practice heard the sound of squeaking sneakers interrupted by a cosmic explosion coming from behind the door to the practice facility gymnasium.

The noise was followed by an extended silence.

You half expected a team official to pop his head out and say, “Don’t worry, nobody’s hurt. We’re just rebuilding the universe in here.” Except, nobody did. And you later find out, through an insider, that the universe — sorry . . . I mean, the noise — was created when a frustrated member of the team angrily overturned a giant aluminum bench.

Minor incident, but someone on the inside is apparently as frustrated as the rest of us. We feel you, whoever you are. You were tossing that bench for all of us.

Coach Nate McMillan declined to theorize on the Big Bang, and assistant Monty Williams picked up the bench and returned it to its position before the media were let in, but hey, who among us hasn’t wanted to overturn a bench or hurl cosmic matter when it comes to this team?