From the Sports Network :

The IndyCar Series will race into the new season with efforts to grow the sport, broaden its fan base and make more noise than ever before by announcing today that it has forged a unique marketing alliance with rock legend Gene Simmons and entertainment industry veteran Richard Abramson, principals in the Hollywood-based Simmons Abramson Marketing company. The broad-based agreement will see Simmons Abramson Marketing actively engaged in the league’s marketing, event, public relations, sponsorship, merchandising and branding efforts — from its IndyCar Series to the venerable Indianapolis 500.

Today’s announcement of the partnership is highlighted with the debut of the “I Am Indy” campaign that is anchored by a signature song, co-authored by Simmons and BAG. The effort marks the first official theme song for a modern professional sport. With its growling affirmations and foot-stomping, “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” sensibility, the “I Am Indy” song forges a resonant link between the drivers and the IndyCar Series fans.

“Indy cars are rockets on the ground. These drivers are modern knights in shining armor, risking their lives at close to 225 mph,” Simmons said. “‘I Am Indy’ speaks to the independent spirit in all of us.”

One of America’s most celebrated entrepreneurs this side of Donald Trump, Gene Simmons is no stranger to the automotive world, having already experienced great success with New Jersey’s Gene Simmons Toyota. And if you needed any further reminder that every marketing scheme of Simmons’ is a hit with the public, just give Dale Torborg a ring.